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    Forcing myself to stay off the news today and stay on task. In progress: things.

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    Hell (by *Rog*)| Australia


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  7. hey look it’s my stupid face

  9. Above Athens by Victor Habchy

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    Jack Vanzet

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    *drops phone*
    Me: shit u good bruh
    Phone: yeah fam I’m aight

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    Well, it’s Sunday, and it’s supposed to get pretty hot here in Oregon today, so what better time to reveal this sunlight variant of Scavenger! I planned on doing a sunlight version from the start but it took a while to get the colors just right.



    P.S. As before, there is a higher res version on my DeviantArt page!

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    Leonidas is a black skinhead

    Leonidas at Thermopylae (1814), Jacques-Louis David / Black Skinhead, Kanye West